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And Then There Were 15: Scott Walker Joins the Race

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Attends Sen. Joni Ernst's Inaugural Roast And Ride Event
Austin, TX

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) officially entered the crowded Republican presidential field Monday morning, posting a tweet saying, “I’m in.”

A few minutes later, Walker posted another tweet with the “fight and win” phrase, and a link to a short announcement video:

The video starts with a broad overview of Walker’s record in Wisconsin. “Conservative. Bold. Decisive.” says the narrator, listing his accomplishments: balanced budgets, cut taxes, beat special interests, improved education, created jobs, and “showed how to fight and win.”

“America needs new fresh leadership,” says Walker, “and big bold ideas, from outside of Washington,” touting how he enacted “big bold reforms” and “we fought and we won.”

Walker then takes a swing at some of his opponents. “In the Republican field, there are some who are good fighters, but they haven’t won those battles, and there are others who have won elections but they haven’t consistently taken on the big fights.”

“I’ve showed you can do both, and now I’m running for president to fight and win for the American people,” continues Walker, mentioning how he won a series of elections in a blue state, including the recall attempts.

“Join our cause,” says Walker at the end of the video. “Help us fight and win, for America.”

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