GOP Rep.: Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders Should Be Registered, But Should Really Be Deported


In the wake of revelations that illegal immigrants convicted of sex crimes have not been registering as sex offenders, Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) points out such offenders should, in actuality, be deported and not released in the first place.

“Every day it seems there is more disturbing news about holes in our immigration system. There is no question that illegal immigrants convicted of sex crimes should be entered into the Sex Offender Registry, but in reality they should be deported,” Barletta said in a statement to Breitbart News.

Reports have indicated that many immigrants convicted of sex crimes who have been released back into the U.S. have not been entered into the National Sex Offender Public Registry.

In a recent interview with Erin Burnett, CNN’s John Walsh called for a national sex offender and felony registry for illegal immigrants.

A number of criminal immigrants who should have been deported were released back into the U.S. because their home countries would not take them back.

“If their countries of origin won’t take them back, then we should deal with those countries,” Barletta added. “We should either look at the amount of foreign aid we’re giving them, or stop issuing new visas to their citizens.”

Another lawmaker, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), noted that while the idea of sex offender registry for illegal immigrants is something he supports he has doubts that it would be that beneficial under President Obama.

“While I fully support an illegal alien sex offender registry, I am skeptical it will do much good so long as America is burdened by a president who repeatedly elevates the interests of illegal aliens over the rights of American citizens and lawful immigrants.”

The Boston Globe last month revealed that immigration officials have released such immigrant criminals without notifying local officials or ensuring the convicts register as sex offenders.


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