Pakistani Immigrant Cab Driver Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping, Raping Passenger

Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

On Tuesday, a Pakistani immigrant working in New Orleans as a cab driver pled guilty to counts of simple rape and second-degree kidnapping two years after he forced himself on a passed-out passenger.

Sohail Khan, 42, picked up an intoxicated 20-year-old woman from a bar in the Irish Channel. She fell asleep after telling him where to take her and awoke to find him on top of her. He had waited until she nodded off and then covered an in-cab camera with a cloth, pulled over, and began assaulting her, according to the New Orleans Advocate. He dropped her off two blocks from her home and later asked other cab drivers how to erase footage from a cab camera.

The victim called police right after the attack and went to a local hospital for a sexual assault examination, but struggled to recall the name of the cab company and could only gave a vague description of the driver. City ordinances require all cabs to have cameras and GPS tracking systems installed, which helped authorities track Khan down. They arrested him five days later.

Advocates of mass immigration claim that anyone in the world who wants a job and a “better life” deserves to stay in the U.S. Current immigration welcome backwards people from primitive, violent countries like Khan—and while it’s not clear if he is in the country legally or illegally, it is clear he had a criminal record with a penchant for brutish behavior.

In 2010, Khan was arrested in New Jersey for allegedly soliciting prostitutes. Later that year, he locked a woman in his cab after demanding an extra ten percent tip, later pleading guilty to false imprisonment. He cut the engine, shook a fist in her face and said, “You will pay me my 10 percent tip, or I will not let you go,” according to a police report. After thirty miserable minutes trapped in the baking heat, the sobbing passenger called 911. Khan was also booked in 2011 for fighting with a passenger. Despite these offenses, he was permitted to keep driving cabs.

Khan will serve no more than five years in jail, according to The Times-Picayune, and though he’s clearly a violent predator who presents nothing but drawbacks to American society, he will never be deported back to Pakistan.

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