Hillary: Don’t Vote for Me Because I’m a Woman… I Am a Woman!

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton, appearing at a campaign rally at Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia, South Carolina, managed to contradict herself in mere seconds, asserting that voters should not vote for her because she’s a woman, then claiming one of her primary qualifications for the presidency is that she is a woman.

Clinton said, “I’m not asking people to vote for me because I’m a woman. I’m asking people to vote for me on the merits. And I think one of the merits is, I am a woman and I can bring those views and perspectives to the White House.”

Clinton brought up race relations, of course, as is the Democrats’ wont, first praising the leaders of South Carolina for removing the Confederate battle flag from the state capitol grounds, then insisting, “But, you know, better than most, the work of healing our communities and taking on the challenge of systemic racism is far from finished. Every day, you see schools and neighborhoods that remain segregated… You understand that our criminal justice system is out of balance and that African-American men are far more likely to be stopped and searched, charged with crimes, and sentenced to longer prison terms for doing the same things as white criminals.”

Clinton, whose record of dishonesty over her career has rarely been paralleled, had the gall to say, “You have to rebuild bonds of trust and respect between elected officials and those whom they serve …”

Clinton attempted to roil the waters by using the death of Sandra Bland in Texas, an African-American woman whose death was initially used by some to blame police. She pontificated, “It’s heartbreaking to read about another death of a young woman, Sandra Bland in Texas, another young African-American life cut short, and that’s why I think it’s essential that we all stand up and say, loudly and clearly, “Yes, black lives matter.”

Bland’s death has now been ruled a suicide.

Clinton acknowledged that relations between law enforcement and communities have improved, but continued, “Anyone who says we don’t need to make any more progress is blind to what we need to do to deal with race and justice questions.”

Clinton also decided to hearken back to attacks used in the Reagan Era by Democrats, slamming the GOP for “trickle-down economic policies,” and claiming the economy would be the primary issue in the 2016 election.


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