Muslims Banned from New York Gun Store

Facebook/JJ's Sporting Goods
Facebook/JJ's Sporting Goods

On July 30, John Swartz, owner of JJ’s Sporting Goods in Saint Johnsville, New York, announced his store would no longer sell guns to Muslims, based on the difficulty of discerning who is radical and who is non-radical.

Swartz made his announcement with a Facebook post, then removed the post over the backlash to it. He “now is fearing for his safety.”

According to Albany’s CBS 6, Swartz’s Facebook post said:

JJ’s has made a corporate decision. After lengthy meetings with the board of directors, and considering the recent attack of the recruiting station and the killing of 5 service men by a radical muslim, and since I cannot tell a radical muslim from the 6 non radical Muslims left in the world, we at JJ’s have decided not to sell any guns to Muslims!

Swartz’s decision was in reaction to the Chattanooga attack, allegedly carried out by Mohammad Abdulazeez. Swartz said, “I cannot live with myself if someone was to purchase a weapon and use it to hurt other people, and I have decided since I can’t tell the difference, I will not sell a weapon if I know this person is a Muslim.”

Swartz’s announcement follows a similar ban by Florida Gun Supply owner Andrew Hallinan. He declared his store a “Muslim-free zone” in the wake of Chattanooga and is now facing a lawsuit from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

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