Iran Deal Has No Significant Public Support

Pro-Iran deal activists (Daniel Nussbaum / Breitbart News)
Daniel Nussbaum / Breitbart News

If rallies could vote, the Iran deal would lose in a landslide.

Supporters of the deal–who consist of a small minority of the Iranian expatriate community, and the radical left fringe–have held several rallies across the country in recent weeks.

The largest of these, in Los Angeles, reached 200 participants–a tiny fraction of the 800,000-strong Iranian-American community in the city. This weekend’s rally in Washington, D.C. reached 100 participants. Around 80 gathered in San Diego.

In contrast, over 10,000 rallied against the Iran deal in Times Square last month, and 1,000 gathered at a Los Angeles rally.

Supporters of the Iran deal have also tried to crash town hall meetings of U.S. Senators and Representatives. But they were a no-show last week in at least one California district, and barely managed a handful of demonstrators in New York–against hundreds of opponents of the deal.

The low interest and attendance by supporters of the Iran deal are reflected by national polls, which show that Americans oppose the deal roughly 2-to-1.

It is safe to say that the Iran deal has no significant national support. The main political argument in its favor is simply a partisan one: President Barack Obama wants it, therefore many Democrats will support it.

But if enough do not, Congress may reject it.


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