DAVI: We Need Leaders Who Don’t Pander to Politically Correct, Effeminized Society

Scott Walker

Okay here we go again, the pundits are out in force making excuses to keep the status quo. They are trying to lean the electorate into the same old useless behavior and candidates. They all pretend they want to do something, but at the end they just kick the ball down the field because they do not have the force of will to make a tough decision that may hurt their polling numbers.

My dear fellow Americans, they are all in the tank for the establishment. Let me give you some inside information.

Andrew Breibart was a dear friend of mine. He and I had many discussions as he was formulating his dream. He knew of my political ideas and urged me to write for Big Hollywood as it was his first site. We shared many of the same values and confusion about how the country was going. We both identified a lack of vision and leadership from professional politicians and how nothing seems to get done.

In 2010, I wrote an article about immigration and how the GOP should get out in front of this issue as it was most crucial to the survival of our Republic. I suggest you to read it .

At that time I mapped out what I thought would be a fair plan in dealing with the issue. I met with many of the leaders in the House and Senate from the GOP, urging them to take this issue head on. Needless to say, I was met with blank stares and excuses.

It was as if I was speaking in a language nobody understood. I got a lot of ridiculous excuses. I even thought for a moment if there was some sort of conspiracy in that they were unwilling to really look at the issue.

This led me to believe the political class—for the most part—is seditious and crippling in its thinking. It sucks off the tit of government as much as anyone and protects their ability to milk the cow. Hence, year after year the erosion of American values. We get a few nice ideas and comfort food and yet they all go in the back rooms and share a cigar, cocktails, and the taxpayers money.

They cloak their arguments in what is unconstitutional and what is not. They are mostly lawyers and can equivocate us into confusion and oblivion. I see this happening daily. They mis-interpret history and the constitution and ply it into whatever shape they wish. Also they continually reference what a law was made for and then cloud the issues by using it for the most egregious examples.

I want to refer to the latest round of the pundits and political consultants comments on Trumps immigration plans. Trump is the only one telling the truth to the American people. And sometimes the truth is tough. I heard a soundbite on one of the news shows by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. He says to a group of people in referring to the frustration they are feeling toward a variety of issues “I feel your pain”—I feel your PAIN! Well maybe you do, and while this is seemingly a nice, compassionate statement it’s exactly what is wrong with our Politically Correct effeminized society.

I do not want my pain felt, I want it taken away. And its not pain: its our country being raped and pillaged from within. I feel a lot of things, but pain isn’t one of them. Now before you go pissing on my leg, let me say, I am as sensitive and understanding as anyone, but we are in the battle for the soul and survival of America. Do you think George Washington would have said “I feel your pain?” Or would he have inspired the populace to tackle hard decisions? I am not criticizing Scott Walker why I bring that reference up is that it is the mindset of the whole political class on both sides .

Except when it comes to Christians and Jews; we feel everyone else’s pain, but Christians and Jews do not need understanding. Of course, I jest to make a point in how in Tennessee they can no longer say Mother and father but parent one or parent two. How about letting the individual choose?

Instead of pissing on how 95 percent of the population would consider themselves as a mother and father why not let it be the choice of the individuals involved. Whats wrong with that??

Lets get back to the issue at hand. Immigration.

Do any of you reading this think there is no problem with immigration in America? Do any of you think the system is working correctly? We have a system that is so broken it needs a bold, tough response.

Since the 1960s, the immigration system has been set up to eventually change the idea of America. This has been done on purpose. America needs a tough father at this time, we do not need a parent that continues letting us be drugged into a false sense of security.

If any of you have children you know how difficult it is to sometimes discipline your child. You know how they will fight tooth and nail against what is really in their best interests. We live in an addicted society and an addict does not see clearly .

Instead of critiquing Trump and trying to make his idea on immigration seem extreme, why not admit that we have a huge problem and figure out a way to help in implementing his ideas .

I heard one pundit this morning when referring to Trumps wall idea say “well there are cliffs and water along some of the borders what is he going to do, build a wall up a cliff or in the water? I mean really — REALLY?”

I have said it before and I will say it again, Reagan came up against some of the same kind of resistance. Trump is right about the birthright amendment–do the research. I hear the pundits mis-represent what was intended. And intent must be taken into account. Speaking of intent read this:

We see a political motivation behind the nearly unrestrained flood of illegal immigrants across our borders, where they are granted amnesty. Sen. Ted Kennedy, along with Pres. Lyndon Johnson, may have laid the foundation for the current immigration crisis with the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.

Arguably, Johnson and Kennedy saw a potential voting bloc, and they went after it. If they allow as many illegal aliens into the US as possible, these illegal immigrants might all become Democrats. By flooding our borders this is what is happening to America. And they dare speak of a Great Right wing conspiracy. Wait, perhaps they are right about that because the right’s weak compliance over the years couched in being compassionate is eroding the American dream for all .

We need a strong leader who can bring his message to the people and popular culture. We need a strong leader who does not back done on this absurd fear of Political Correctness. We worry about the environment being compromised, well, we must have a system in place where assimilation is achievable or we will have a voting populace that does not have any investment in what America stands for. This is the seminal moment in American History. I want someone who I can see carved into Mount Rushmore. With Trump I see that steely resolve .


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