DAVI: The GOP Needs a Leader With Killer Instincts

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“Politics is war, but in America, one side is doing all the shooting — the liberals. Shell-shocked conservatives blame their failures on the media or unscrupulous opponents, but they refuse to name the real culprit: themselves. ” If you have never read David Horowitz’s book The Art of Political War.

Perhaps you should. For herein lies, the genius of Donald Trump. Whether Mr.Trump has read it or not , I don’t know but he is applying the principles spectacularly.

I had often asked David Horowitz, ”what is wrong with conservatives they do not seem to understand that Politics is a battlefield haven’t they read your book?”

David Horowitz was at one time a communist, his parents were communists . He was on the inside of the socialist movement to take over America and knows the techniques they use. He has tried to wake-up the complacent and perhaps compliant GOP for years.

So has another voice in that of Michael Savage. Another whose radio show and books have been trying to wake-up the establishment. Oddly, Mr.Savage is silenced in Los Angeles try and get his show on the airwaves in Hollywood and you will not find it. He draws huge ratings around the rest of the country, but the PC police won’t let him on in LA.

There are major players in Hollywood who have secretly mentioned to me they listen to him. You see I am not afraid, I don’t hide or whisper my ideas as many of you might know and that may be my undoing. However, I can do nothing less, it’s not in my nature. If I feel an injustice I will speak up and not beholden to any particular ideology.

In any case, there are many terrific radio shows voices out there who have tried to waken the GOP into a more assertive stance, but sitting opposite the GOP is like looking at a boiled lobster—they are brain dead when it comes to being able to use culture and bring a message to the populace. And then we have all the pundits.

I am watching a show right now full of pundits. There is not one who I would want to go into battle with. They would nuance and intellectualize to death and their thinking is all off. If they were the electorate, Jimmy Carter would be their candidate. Even if they are conservative they are in the tank for an established politically correct old way of thinking.

The strength of Donald Trump is something they cannot relate to. They do not know how to take the Donald, and some feign outrage over his seemingly outlandish comments.

Let me give you my humble take on all this for what it is worth. By example, I will use a comment recently made by Hillary Clinton equating the GOP field to Terrorists. Now this is a tactic the left has been using for years and most of the time it goes uncontested. If it is contested it is done so in a polite, measured response that never has any real effect nor puts the left in its place.

I myself have had conversations where the left equates evangelicals with Islamic Terrorists, and while I have tired to point out the absurdity of this the left unapologetically goes on beating that drum. They do so until it starts to become part of the public consciousness. It is an outlandish statement and yet it sticks in the culture. None of the current GOP candidates would be able to combat this except Trump, and here is why.

While the rest of the field gave a nice measured response, Donald Trump did something totally different. He brought up Hillary’s right and left hand Huma Abedin and in doing so Donald Trump showed us he is able to do what no one else does—go for the jugular. He understands that just to defend the statement Hillary Clinton made about the GOP is not enough.

Trump brought up the elephant in the room, and possibly the death blow to her campaign: Huma’s husband as a security risk and her past ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. So while Hillary talks about how the GOP is like the terrorists, we are reminded that her own confidant is married to someone who exemplifies a certain lack of respect for women. While standing by her man is her own choice, and may be deemed admirable, it does pose the question of the potential pillow talk between a husband and wife.

Also Trump brought up something that was in the discourse a few years ago, and that is Huma’s family ties to possibly radical Islamic groups. While this is not confirmed as far as I know, it is one of those things that once floated begins to have a life of its own. The left uses this tactic continually of pining the tail on the elephant so it’s interesting to see someone on the right pin it on the donkey. What we can surmise is that our National Security might have been compromised more than we all may have thought.

Sadly, we should not have to worry if it has and by our own Secretary of State no less. My point in all this is Donald Trump knows how to triangulate the left. He is doing it in several ways and while his comments about Huma’s husband being a “perv” may seem as outlandish and comical by some, I contend that Trump is sending a very clear message to the Democrats.

Politics is a vicious, dirty game, and on the world scene it is even more vicious. I don’t know who will eventually become the candidate, but if Trump does I believe he can possibly win the Presidency. Here is one of the reasons.

I wrote a Breitbart article in 2010 called “Lion in Winter.” Read it, please. As a matter of fact, read all my articles if you haven’t as I have been quite insightful and ahead of most.

My one conciliation is the dates of my articles are on them and while I am not considered one of the handful of great political writers everyone quotes and gushes over, I have touched on issues before many have taken them on. But politics, like Hollywood, plagiarizes and that’s just the way it is—and I’m not in either club. I digress. In my article “Lion in Winter” I describe how President Obama comes across to my South American friend Oscar as a “Lion.”

Here is an excerpt from that article :

He was a driver for a car service that had picked me up. His name was Oscar and he was from South America. I opened the conversation and he was very open, as was I — neither being shy about our point of view — he didn’t care if I tipped or not because I didn’t agree with him, and I didn’t worry about being left in the desert somewhere for disagreeing with him. I asked Oscar why he was voting for Barack Obama . He said he never listens to what a politician says but watches how they move, what they look like, what they project. Oscar said, “Obama is a lion. That is what the world sees, a lion. He may be a young lion but that is what he is and there are no politicians who are lions.” So Oscar goes on and says that during the primaries he knew Obama would win because while watching the debates the others seemed wounded while Obama projected strength…

What is interesting about Oscar’s comment is that, as I said, Oscar comes from South America and there’s a certain honesty and rawness that comes from a third-world perspective. A somewhat closer connection to nature, hence the lion reference. This is the power the Democratic party has today.

They have a lion who is King of the Pride and this is what is lacking for conservatives: a leader who has this connection. Remember Oscar said he doesn’t listen, he watches. Well I contend that is the same for the majority. To most of us it is more about what is projected than what is said (especially when English is not our national language).

When President Obama spoke this last week at a university he was able to rouse the youth. Let’s be honest, they (like most experts) may not know what it’s all about but they do have a sense of the Lion who will protect the pride. President Obama has changed America, but also it’s our politics that will never be the same. Conservatives need to understand that their message is not being delivered. So where and who is the Lion for the GOP?

I ended that article in 2010 with that question. So, here in 2015 I believe there is an answer. Donald Trump with his golden mane and roar. Remember the debates with the very likable and decent Mitt Romney. Romney did not charge at President Obama and Candy Crowley. He did not have the killer instinct, instead he took the high ground and lost the election. The GOP has a Lion in Donald Trump and it should use all its resources in letting him roam this country and not try and tame him .


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