DAVI: We Need a Day of National Solidarity with Law Enforcement


My Dear fellow Americans, I would like to share with you the story of a decorated New York City police officer—Joseph Petrosino. 

Petrosino was an Italian immigrant. He came to America and he and his cousin stayed with their grandfather until he was accidentally killed. Put into a orphanage/surrogate court, Petrosino and his cousin were taken in by the judge and given help by prominent Irish families until relatives could arrive from Italy. 
On October 19, 1883 Petrosino joined the NYPD, becoming the first Italian speaking officer. On July 20, 1895, then police commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt, promoted him to detective sergeant in charge of the department’s Homicide Division. In December 1908, he was promoted to lieutenant and placed in charge of the Italian Squad, an elite corps of Italian-American detectives assembled specifically to deal with the criminal activities of organizations like the Mafia, which Petrosino saw as a shame upon decent Italians and Italian Americans.
Petrosino was a pioneer in the fight against organized crime and launched many crime fighting techniques during his law enforcement career which are still practiced today by various agencies in combating crime and terrorism.
At the turn of the century more Italians were lynched in New Orleans in one day than any other nationality or race. 
According to a CNN article  about Italian immigrants, the sentiment about Italians was as follows: “In 1911, ‘just a little worse than the Negro, being if anything filthier in [their] habits, lawless, and treacherous.’” 
So you must realize the time and history of the period Joseph Petrosino came about to give it full historical significance. I urge Congress and Senate to stand in solidarity with Law Enforcement and declare Oct 19—the day Pertrosino became a Police Officer—as a unifying day in support of Law Enforcement.
Petrosino was assassinated in Sicily when he was given information about a Mafia figure and he traveled there at his own peril. So it is fitting the day he became an officer we celebrate all of Law Enforcement. As a point of interest, the reason why 11 Italians were unjustly lynched was in response to the killing of a police officer. All of those lynched were innocent of the act. 
Italians did not march crying “Pigs in the Blanket-frying like bacon.” What we now see is a subversive movement to undermine the justice system. Once again Obama and his Bill Ayers brethren are pulling down a pillar of society in the guise of tearing America apart from within. 
Our government is ineffectual and if you do not want anarchy to reign, then speak out. I do not want innocent lives taken.
I am not saying that there are not issues that must be dealt with in the justice system. What I am saying is we have a President and a Democratic Party that is compliant. I find it odd that this is happening while President Obama is in Alaska, looking at a melting Glacier, and renaming a mountain. 
Petrosino tried to warned the Secret Service that there was an assassination attempt on President Mckinley. Unfortunately even though Roosevelt vouched for Petrosino’s abilities, the warning was unheeded. 
So, in this spirit I come to all of you and ask to send this around, tell the media, I implore all Americans to demand Congress declare October 19, 2015 a day for National Solidarity with law enforcement. 


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