Donald Trump to the ‘Tonight Show’

REUTERS/Rebecca Cook
REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

Republican presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump is scheduled to stop by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this month, NBC announced Tuesday.

Trump has had a stained relationship with the network since June, following his initial remarks on illegal immigration while announcing his candidacy. NBC said through a press release Tuesday Trump would appear on the show Sept. 11 to “discuss his campaign and other issues of the day.”

The network announced in June Trump would not return to Celebrity Apprentice, and also dropped his Miss USA pageant, which was broadcast on Reelz Channel instead. Trump’s pageants had aired on the network for 11 years, but were dropped after what NBC called “derogatory statements” made by the GOP frontrunner about illegal immigrants.

NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt downplayed the network’s severed relationship with Trump last month, saying, “I don’t think somebody who is running for President and might possibly be the next leader of the free world should be banned from activity with NBC… At the moment, we’re sort of separated.”

The network head also praised Trump for his long relationship with NBC.

“There were no controversies,” said Greenblatt. “He worked really closely with Mark Burnett. It was a congenial, really great relationship.”

Jimmy Fallon has been practicing his Donald Trump impression. The host devoted a portion of one of his shows last month to mocking Trump’s Megyn Kelly “blood coming out of her wherever” comments, following the Fox News Republican debate.

The billionaire later described critics of the comments as “deviants,” for assuming he was referring to Kelly as being hormonal, due to menstruation.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sat down with Fallon Monday night to discuss his campaign, and the pair talked about Trump’s status as the GOP frontrunner.

Christie said he “completely expected” Trump’s surge in the polls, while also doing his best Trump impression.

“Of course. Everything he does is fabulous, spectacular, wonderful, amazing,” Christie said.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will be joining Stephen Colbert later this month as a guest for his inaugural Late Show. Jeb is currently raffling off one of his free guest tickets for the show, according to an email sent out to supporters of his campaign.


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