Street Art Depicting Ted Cruz as ‘Hunger Games’ Rebel Leader Pops Up Around L.A.


With the second Republican debate scheduled this week just down the road at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, a group of conservative street artists have been busy in Los Angeles showing their support for Sen. Ted Cruz, and are using symbolism from a popular film series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Over the past few days, a group of anonymous artists have put up stickers and posters, using the Mockingjay rebellion bird symbol from The Hunger Games franchise to rep the anti-establishment presidential candidate, in and around central Los Angeles.

The entertainment industry publication caught up with one of the artists, who said the group is using the Mockingjay rebellion to connect Sen. Cruz to “the country’s present parallel to The Capitol” from the films.

“The big question for us ‘is the republic actually dead?’ and is Obama just the first caesar?” the anonymous street artist told the site. “The welfare state and the Kardashians are the 21st century version of bread and circuses … Is this a democratic republic, or just a Washington D.C. TV show that is pretending to be one, while the Federal government laughs at the plebes.

The artist also said, “If Cruz is the candidate, we have a chance at restoring the republic.”

Check out some of their artwork below:

The artists behind the Cruz Mockingjay art are reportedly also responsible for posting anti-Hillary Clinton signs outside the frontrunner’s Brooklyn campaign headquarters, earlier this year.


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