VIDEO: Teamster at GOP Debate Loves Donald Trump

Teamster supports Donald Trump (Lee Stranahan / YouTube)
Lee Stranahan / YouTube

SIMI VALLEY — Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump had an unexpected source of support outside the GOP debate Wednesday: a member of the Teamsters union.

While black-shirted Teamsters protested against Trump across the street, one man who identified himself as a Teamster spoke exclusively to Breitbart News and explained why he wasn’t standing with his union brothers who were supporting the illegal immigration agenda:

This propogation of lies that they’re telling about this, “GOP Hates”–that’s not true. Obviously they have Donald Trump on their radar. He’s the only candidate that’s speaking the truth and people don’t like the truth. They want to slam this guy.

What’s wrong with closing down our borders? What’s wrong with that? It’s driving our work force wages down. And I’m a Teamster! It’s driving the wages down. It’s not helping.


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