’40 Days for Life’ Saves Babies, Planned Parenthood Urges #ShoutYourAbortion

#Shoutyourabortion/ Twitter

While 40 Days for Life claims that, as of Monday, it has saved 41 babies from abortion, Planned Parenthood is urging its clients to tweet about how great abortion is. Pro-lifers are countering that campaign with their own tweets.

Shawn Carney, director of 40 Days for Life – the largest internationally coordinated pro-life campaign — says that after only six days into its mobilization effort, 41 babies have been spared from abortion. The campaign uses its tools of prayer, community outreach on street corners, and peaceful vigils outside abortion clinics.

Also, a pro-life symposium was held during the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia this past weekend, an event that welcomed Pope Francis.

National director of Priests for Life, Father Frank Pavone, said during the symposium the pro-life movement “will succeed in abolishing abortion.”

“Moreover, the family can be fully alive only if it is healed from the wounds of abortion, which impacts not only the child, mom, and dad, but every other family member as well,” he added. “That is why our symposium had such a strong focus on healing after abortion, highlighting the ministries of Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More, as well as the initiative Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion.”

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood, currently under investigation by Congress after the exposure of its sales of body parts of aborted babies, is supporting a #ShoutYourAbortion campaign on Twitter.

#ShoutYourAbortion was started last Friday by abortion activists Lindy West and Amelia Bonow.

“I set up #ShoutYourAbortion because I am not sorry, and I will not whisper,” West wrote. “Last week I realized that, even among my pro-choice friends, I never, ever talk about my abortion. We need to chip away at stigma, at lies, at the climate of shame.”

West goes on to write that five years ago she took two abortion pills “and lay in my bed for a night and a day, and then I wasn’t pregnant any more.”

“It was a fairly smooth experience, distressing only because my relationship was bad and I had no money,” she continues. “The procedure itself was a relief. Not being able to have it would have been the real trauma.”

West refers to the investigations into Planned Parenthood’s organ-harvesting practices and the push to eliminate the abortion giant’s taxpayer funding as a “misogynist crusade to defund Planned Parenthood.”


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