Gov. Andrew Cuomo Tells Democrats to Shut Down Government Until They Get Gun Control

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Spencer Platt/Getty

At Carey Gabay’s funeral on September 26, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) suggested Democrats shut down government and refuse to restart it until Republicans agree to pass “real gun control.”

Cuomo’s suggestion comes after Gabay was shot and fatally wounded in one of the numerous shootings surrounding the Labor Day J’Ouvert celebration in Brooklyn.

According to the New York Daily News, Cuomo said the gun violence in New York City has become “so brutal, so aimless, that the most innocent can be struck down anytime anywhere.”

Cuomo added:

If the far right is willing to shut down the government because they don’t get a tax cut for the rich, then our people should have the same resolve and threaten to shut down the government if they don’t get a real gun control law to stop killing of their innocents.

In January 2013, Cuomo signed a massive gun control package–the SAFE Act–which included a “high capacity” magazine ban, an “assault weapons” ban, expanded background checks, and firearm registration, all of which were passed under the guise of making New Yorkers safer. But firearm-related homicides are surging in NYC, and on September 17, Cuomo said the continued violence is not a failure of gun control, but a result of the South’s refusal to pass gun control on par with New York and other northeastern states.

Now, he suggests the federal government has not done its part, and he wants Democrats to take the issue up in earnest. Even if that means shutting down the government, Cuomo believes Democrats must pass more gun control at the federal level to stop the violence that New York gun control laws have failed to stop.

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