McCaskill Remarks ‘Somewhat Sarcastically’ That Hillary’s Server The ‘Only One’ Not Hacked By China

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), a Hillary Clinton supporter remarked, “somewhat sarcastically, as an aside, I think her [Hillary’s] server is the only one that wasn’t hacked by the Chinese” on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

McCaskill stated that a statement by House Majority Leader Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) that Hillary Clinton’s numbers had dropped because of discoveries made by the Benghazi Select Committee “was a startling admission by the speaker-in-waiting. I think he forgot that, just because you’re on Fox News, doesn’t mean that the rest of the country’s not going to hear about it. And what he really did, Andrea, is lay out for the American people that this is a taxpayer-funded, political hit job, and the most disgusting thing about it is that it’s being done on the deaths of four brave Americans, and I think people should be outraged that this is now out in the open. We all believed that’s what this was. They’re not even going to finish their work, they say, until next year. Now what are we doing next year? Could it be that we’re electing a president next year? So, this is outrageous, and I hope that other people are upset as many of us are.”

Later, McCaskill was asked, “even the most fervent Clinton supporters would have to acknowledge what a lot of Clinton people are saying — Clinton supporters are saying privately, that they have not handled this well. She herself has said they have not handled it well, and you’re going have a drip, drip, drip, as she said to Chuck Todd on ‘Meet the Press,’ because there are going to be releases, court-ordered, but from the State Department, of more emails, some later today, then next month, next month, and then the month after, all the way up until the first primaries and caucuses.”

McCaskill responded, “Well, political hit jobs are, by their very definition, drip, drip, drip. Your political opponents want to try to make you look bad every single day. But enough is enough, Andrea. Every single email she sent or received did not have classified material in it at the time she sent or received it. The policy was allowed by the State Department. No one has given out more personal information or emails than Hillary Clinton under the same circumstances. And frankly, it is outrageous that we are not spending more time talking about the things that Hillary Clinton wants to champion, increasing the minimum wage, making student loans affordable.”

Host Andrea Mitchell then followed up, “isn’t this a self-inflicted wound? It was a mistake. She acknowledges that. She should have had a government and a private system. She was doing national security communications, whether classified or not, at the time, on a private system that could be hacked, with a server in her basement, and she’s made herself vulnerable to these attacks.”

McCaskill then said, “I give her credit for acknowledging she should have done it differently. But look at the proportionality here. I mean, this is the amount of time that is being spent on an issue, where she is being incredibly transparent and forthcoming. And by the way, I might add, somewhat sarcastically, as an aside, I think her server is the only one that wasn’t hacked by the Chinese. So, this notion that somehow she was doing this to jeopardize security of our country, or that her motives were somehow not to do the best job she could for the United States of America, is just hogwash. And it’s time to begin to focus on the things that Americans are worrying about around their kitchen table. How can we afford college? How can we retire and still pay our healthcare bills? These are the things that Hillary Clinton is providing substantive policy, and eventually, I know the American people are going to want everybody to start talking about that.”

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