Student: Chris Harper-Mercer Told Victims They Wouldn’t Feel Pain

The Associated Press
AP Photo/Ryan Kang

A local news report gives the eyewitness account of student Rand McGowan, who Chris Harper-Mercer shot in the hand, as told by his mother Stephanie Salas.


The 26-year-old gunman, Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer, told everyone to move toward the center of the room.

“The shooter would call a person: ‘You, stand up,'” Salas said, recalling what her son told her. “And then he would ask them if they were a Christian, knew God, or had religion. And it wasn’t like it was stated on TV. It wasn’t about that he was just trying to pinpoint Christians, no.”

The shooter would tell them it wouldn’t hurt.

“And then he would shoot them,” she said.

The shooter singled out one person in the room to live, McGowan told his mom. “I want you to be able to tell the cops about me, or something like that,” Salas said of the directive.

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