WATCH: Roseburg Tattoo Shop Stands Up for Shooting Victims’ Families


It takes all kinds to make up a community, and in the wake of the UCC shooting, a tattoo studio in Roseburg, Oregon, called High Priestess, offered residents a chance to show solidarity through ink and needles.

Outside the shop on Monday, people were lined up to show their support. Breitbart News spoke exclusively to Zack, who said that residents could get a tattoo tribute to Roseburg for $40, with all proceeds going to the families of the victims.

More than fifty people showed up to get one of two different designs to show their pride and commitment to the southern Oregon timber town that was rocked by evil last Thursday, when a gunman who targeted Christians killed nine people and wounding another nine.

When Breitbart News asked him if he felt he was the poster child for how much of the country perceives the residents of Oregon–especially after the hipster culture of Portland has been relentlessly spoofed by shows like Portlandia–Zack smiled and agreed.


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