‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed and Terror-Tied CAIR Co-Founder Appear in Promo Video

AP Photo/LM Otero
AP File Photo/LM Otero

Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas teen detained for bringing a homemade suitcase clock experiment to school that resembled a bomb, appear together in a Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) promotional video with the terror-tied organization’s controversial co-founder Nihad Awad.

The boy’s Sudanese immigrant father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, a failed presidential candidate for that country, also appears in the 30 second video, “Come Meet Ahmed Mohamed – ‘The Clockmaker’.” It promotes Ahmed’s appearance at CAIR’s 21st Champions for Justice banquet held tonight at Arlington, Virginia’s Marriott Crystal Gateway.

Awad, a known Hamas supporter, also rejects Israel’s right to exist. Even in the face of the Islamic State’s rampaging terror and slaughter, Awad called the Jewish state the biggest threat to world peace and security. Breitbart News reported he once publicly declared his support of the “Hamas movement.” Hamas, the radical Islamic group, is a United States designated terrorist organization. CAIR was charged as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism-financing case in U.S history, the Holy Land Foundation trial.

Before launching CAIR, Awad served as PR director for the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), an organization identified by the U.S. government as an arm of the Palestinian Committee, a Hamas support network created by the Muslim Brotherhood. A 2001 Immigration and Naturalization Service memo documented IAP’s support for Hamas and the “facts strongly suggest” that IAP was a part of Hamas’ propaganda machine, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT).

The friendly outdoor video depicts Ahmed, Mohamed and Awad talking at what appears to be the family’s Irving home. The structure resembles the front of the house captured by news cameras on Sept. 16 when CAIR hosted a press conference over the clock incident, insisting on the Islamophobia narrative while ignoring relevant federal and state zero tolerance and/or safe school act policies implemented in public schools.

KXAN screen shot Mohamed house presser 091615

Photo: KXAN Video Screenshot

Islamophobia toting radical Imam Johari Abdul-Malik also asked in a promo video that supporters attend the now sold-out $65 per person CAIR fundraiser “to make a difference in America now.” Proud CAIR supporter and honoree Omar Suleiman, a Bayyinah Institute Islamic scholar, emphasized in his promo spot how CAIR represents the community “in the media, in the court system and wherever they need to be.” He said that in Texas “we’ve had our own share of Islamophobia, especially in these last couple of years.”

Yesterday, Ahmed arrived in Washington, D.C. fresh from rubbing shoulders with Sudanese genocidal war crimes theocratic dictator Omer Hassan al-Bashir, a Saudi government funded pilgrimage to Mecca, and a Qatar Foundation sponsored tour of Education City from the organization founded by Al Jazeera creator Sheikh bin Al Thani, closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. On Monday, he visits Astronomy Night at the White House.

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