Reports; Non-Violent Drug-Dealer Released, Then Murders Cop

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The suspected killer of a New York cop was recently released for drug treatment instead of being sent to jail for a non-violent drug-selling scheme, highlighting the new risks that are being imposed on Americans by a bipartisan congressional plan to slash jail sentences.

The Oct. 20 murder of a cop by the “non-violent” drug-dealer come as GOP leaders — including would-be House Speaker Paul Ryan — work with Democrats to quickly pass a 1960s-style “reform” bill that would slash new sentences for supposedly non-violent criminals, and also release tens of thousands of violent criminals back onto Americans’ streets.

The bipartisan plan would repeat the 1960s liberalization that quickly spiked crime nationwide during the 1970s. The unprecedented crime rate shifted the nation’s culture, and dropped only when the public voted Ronald Reagan into the White House, and Congress shackled liberal judges by establishing “mandatory minimum” jail sentences.

On Thursday, the Senate’s judiciary committee is expected to approve its bill to roll back mandatory-minimum sentences. The bill is being put on a fast-track for Senate and House approval before public protests can deter legislators. So far, Sen. Jeff Sessions has led the criticism of the 1960s-style reform.

The dead cop, Randolph Holder, was shot in the head during a chase. The chase began when cops pursued a suspect who had fired a gun while stealing a bicycle near a public housing development.

The suspected gunman, Tyrone Howard, had been released in January – after another arrest for a non-violent drug crime – despite a long history of crime.

“Howard had been arrested 28 times for allegedly shooting an 11-year-old as well as committing robbery and assault,” according to a report by a CBS New York.

The judge who recently released the suspected murderer pled innocence on a technicality, by claiming he thought the suspect was “non-violent.”

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin called Holder’s death “an absolute tragedy,” but he defended his Jan. 22 decision and said he was unaware at the time that Howard had been arrested for a 2009 shooting.

“I don’t get a crystal ball when I get the robe,” McLaughlin told The Daily News. “This defendant Howard at the time was 30 years old. He had four felony drug convictions, no violence.”

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is also pushing for a huge jail-release, pointed the finger at other people. “The perpetrator involved here was obviously a hardened violent criminal that should not be on the streets,” he said Oct. 21, shortly after the murder.

The suspect had also walked free from other suspected crimes, CBS reported.

Howard, 30, was also wanted in connection with a Sept. 1 shooting in Manhattan, said James O’Neill, the NYPD’s chief of department. Investigators suspected Howard had shot at a member of the East Army gang, but he wasn’t arrested because he skipped out on court dates and police couldn’t track him down at his home, O’Neill told reporters, including 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa.


Tyrone Howard

The gun-battle took place far from the mayor’s mansion and from President Barack Obama’s progressive supporters in their expensive apartments on the upper west side of Central Park. But it was close to lower-income housing.

“I was laying there and you hear ‘pow, pow’ and then you hear the helicopters, the sirens,” resident Yvonne Thomas told CBS2’s Janelle Burrell.

“I would say between 10 to 15, there was a lot,” said resident Jennifer Abbate. “At first, we were like that’s so many, it can’t be gunshots.”

The housing complex included families who felt the violence.

“There was an argument between two or three people. All of a sudden there were shots, you could hear the shells kick back as they hit the cement. I had my whole family on the floor,” said witness Doris Ayala, 62, who lives at the Urban American River Crossing apartment complex at 102nd St. and FDR Drive.

“I thought they were going to shoot outside of my window. There was a gun on the sidewalk outside my building,” said the shocked woman, who reported hearing about 10 shots.

Holder is the fourth cop to be murdered since December.

His death is part of a national spike in murders that has emerged since Obama began his campaign to stigmatize and regulate state and local police forces in late 2014. The extra murders amount to almost 500 people.

Obama’s allies in the federal judicial system are also releasing an estimated 46,000 hard-core criminals. So far, roughly 6,000 have been released, mostly in poor neighborhoods far from upper-income progressives’ suburbs in Arlington, Va. or Bethesda, Md.

Since the April 2015 riots in Baltimore, homicides spiked 39 percent while non-fatal shootings doubled since September 2014. Baltimore’s murder rate grew by 52 percent and non-fatal shootings leapt by 80 percent in 2015. Theft, drug crimes and other “non-violent crimes are rising in many cities.

As number-crunching blog FiveThirtyEight calculated, at least 482 middle-class and lower-income, black, hispanic and white Americans been been shot, clubbed, stabbed, or beaten to death since Obama and other progressives began to demean and delegitimize police, along with the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Holder, the dead cop, was a black immigrant.



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