Rep. Gutiérrez: Would Lorne Michaels Allow Donald Trump To Host If He Insulted Canadians?

Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (R-IL) chastised Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels on the House floor Wednesday for scheduling Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live (SNL).

“I wonder if he had said that Canadians are rapists, murderers and drug dealers would you be inviting him on NSL (sic)?” the Illinois lawmakers asked, after revealing a large poster of Michaels.

Michaels is originally from Canada.

Gutiérrez has been a vocal Trump opponent, attacking the GOP frontrunner for his comments about illegal immigrants from Mexico.

“While much of what Donald Trump says is hilarious, intentionally or otherwise–bald-faced, racism for political gain isn’t funny,” Gutiérrez said. “His statements should disqualify him from being able to take the stage in an entertainment venue and speak to the American people as if what he said was no big deal.”

According to Gutiérrez, “when public figures cross certain lines, they should lose their privileges to host TV shows.”

The Democratic lawmaker, highlighted other organizations and companies that “dumped Trump” following comments the billion businessman made early in his campaign, pointing out that NBC, SNL’s home network, was one of those companies.

He argued that the Latino community was initially gratified to by corporate America’s moves to reject Trump following his comments.

“Look, Americans are not very good at telling us apart, so when we are under attack by a tycoon running for the Republican presidential nomination, we can’t tell us apart either—we are all family,” he said.

SNL’s decision to welcome Trump as host in November, Gutiérrez said, however, is a big deal that should not go forward.

“If Donald Trump had said gays and lesbians were murdering and raping Americans, would he get to host the show?” he asked, going on to make similar analogies about women and African Americans.

“What if all of the Latino cast members all walked off the job?” he asked, quickly offering an answer. “Oh wait, you don’t have any Latino cast members.”

Tuesday Gutiérrez sent a letter to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and NBCUniversal CEO Stephen Burke demanding they prevent Trump from hosting the show.



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