Davi: Trump Appeals to Those Whose Minds Haven’t Been Poisoned by the Left

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Let me ask you and please answer honestly: How many of us—if we received a million dollar loan from our father or mother or any family member—could turn that into a multi-billion dollar business? How many of us? Well, I couldn’t. I made money in my life and if I had the ability to do so I would have. I’m not able. I’m sure if you’re honest you would say that you most likely wouldn’t be able to, either. And yet, some in the media are ridiculing Donald Trump for being able to do so.

Instead of praising that quality and appreciating his accomplishments, the media makes it seem that if any of us were given a loan by one of our parents, we would be able to turn it into a fortune.

Yes, with the typical, absurd, disgusting smugness we have come to expect from these left-wing operatives in the media, they wish to form the narrative that Trump is not one of us—that he is an elite. Well, my dear friends, Trump is actually an Everyman. He is part of the Great middle class who pulled themselves up and are now looked on by media elites as the scum of the earth.

The media sham the middle class into thinking they are for them when in fact they don’t care. They only care for deluding those who cannot think for themselves. They drug their audiences into a frenzy of addicted thinking. Yes, the addict is controlled by his own survival and does not care for anything but his own habit. That is why they love Big Government. They couch their emotional connection to the public by seeming to have an idealistic point of view, when it is a subversive conspiracy to drug the minds of the youth.

If what you are fed each day is spiced with the additive of the Left, that is how you will think food should taste and eventually your palate is corrupted. How have they fed Hillary Clinton to the unsuspecting public? In spite of what we all have heard—in spite of the false notes we hear and see in her presentation—they are incapable of admitting so.

It’s like listening to your child at a school concert and you know your child is tone-deaf but you’re just enamored that he or she got through the concert. Or its like there is a foul stench and everyone is so used to smelling the foulness it becomes a treasured scent. 

This is how the leftists in media behave and lead the great unwashed. Think of The View’s criticism of Trump’s off-hand comments regarding  Carly Fiorina and how they were recently vicious in their ridicule of of the former Hewlett Packard CEO.     

Getting back to the million-dollar loan. Let’s think of how many trust-fund babies have grown up squandering their lives away. Did they create multi-billion dollar corporations? How many children of celebrities or celebrities themselves have squandered millions of dollars?

So because Trump got a loan of a million dollars and turned it into BILLIONS, he is someone who should be made fun of? Is it because he is white and successful that he is constantly being made the subject of parlor games or talk show fodder? I ask, If Trump were Black or Hispanic would he have the same ridicule? Rubio is praised and defended for what his parents did to get him a better life, in spite of his financial issues. And rightly so. So why should Trump not be praised for his accomplishments? Have we now become a nation where great success is looked on  as a detriment and no longer an attribute? This is what today’s Left has done and is doing to the mindset of the youth. 

When JFK ran for President and won with his father’s empire behind him, he didn’t receive the same kind of disdain. So instead of saying, “WOW, perhaps Trump can do the same for America, that’s the kind of thinking we need in running our country,” we see the Stephen Colbert’s of the world minimize and do what we expect from the Left.

I contend that if Trump gave a million dollars to 10 people, none of them could accomplish what he has accomplished—myself included. Hey, Colbert, why don’t you and some of your friends all chip in and give a million to someone and we will track the progress. All of you who criticize Trump can easily ante up and do so. I’d love to see what happens, wouldn’t you? Actually, I rather see what Trump can do for America. 


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