Former Rep. Virgil Goode: Donald Trump for President, ‘Only Candidate Truly Focused on’ Immigration

epublican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves to a crowd at a rally in front of the
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I am endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States because he is the only candidate truly focused on reforming our immigration system.

Our legal and illegal immigration policies threaten our national security, common culture, fiscal integrity, and the wages and employment for the working and middle class.

Most Americans want to control immigration. However, Democrats support mass immigration for the votes, while the Republican Party refuses to fight back because it is beholden to business interests who support cheap labor. This “bipartisanship” leads to abominations like Sen. Marco Rubio’s Gang of 8 bill, which would give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and flood the country with tens of millions of foreign workers to undercut Americans.

Donald Trump has the means and the courage to stand up against open borders mega-donors such as Paul Singer and Sheldon Adelson, who want the GOP to abandon its base for their own financial interests.

Many other candidates give lip service to opposing illegal immigration and amnesty, but Donald Trump has the courageous plan to stop it. He will mandate E-Verify, build a wall on the Mexican border, and end sanctuary cities, welfare and birthright citizenship for illegals, which serve as magnets for illegal immigration. Also as important, Trump will reform our legal immigration policy to put American workers first.

Immigration is not the only reason I support Donald Trump. He has shown courage and leadership in standing up to the GOP establishment on other important issues like Obamatrade. However, it is the most important issue facing our country. If we add tens of millions of low skilled and uneducated workers from countries with left wing cultures, it will become impossible for Conservatives to win a national election, and the Democrats will impose their agenda of big government, abortion, and gun control without meaningful opposition.

Contrary to the claims of the political consultant class, Trump is the only candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton.  Millions of Republican voters stayed home in 2008 and 2012 because they felt the GOP represented the interests of Wall Street rather than those of working Americans. Donald Trump is the best candidate to connect with those voters who feel disaffected from both parties.

Trump’s success so far speaks for itself. Most of the political, financial, and media establishment have demonized him, yet the American people see through this ruse and have flocked to support him. I am proud to join these millions of patriotic Americans in working to elect Donald Trump as our next president.

Former Rep. Virgil Goode represented Virginia’s 5th District from 1997-2009.


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