Alan Grayson Calls for Marco Rubio’s Resignation

AP Photo/Steve Cannon
AP Photo/Steve Cannon

Rep. Alan Grayson becomes the latest politico, joining Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Harry Reid, to call for Sen. Marco Rubio to resign from the U.S. Senate for missing votes in order to campaign for president.

Grayson writes that Rubio receives close to $15,000 a month in pay, but instead of doing the job voters elected him to do, Rubio is “playing hooky” from the Senate.

Alan Grayson has just launched his website, demanding that Rubio immediately quit the Senate.

Here is what Grayson stated in one of his fundraising emails:

Even before he [Marco Rubio] announced his Presidential campaign, he had the worst attendance record in the Senate. Senator Feinstein, who is 82 years young, missed fewer votes than Rubio. Senator Kirk, who suffered a devastating stroke, missed fewer voters than Rubio. That’s just ridiculous.

Most Republican voters don’t seem to mind that Rubio has missed the most votes of any U.S. Senator this year. His colleague in the Senate, as well as GOP presidential opponent, Ted Cruz, has also missed a bunch of votes.

What is more “ridiculous” is Grayson’s belief that the broken Veteran’s Affairs health care system should be the standard in health care coverage for all Americans:

And as for VA medical care being the same as Obamacare – I wish. The VA medical system essentially is a single-payer system. The government employs VA doctors and nurses, and runs VA hospitals. In contrast, Obamacare attempts to salvage something from the wreckage of the profit-obsessed, dehumanizing, selfish, savage, brutal and lethal private health insurance system that traps roughly half of all Americans.


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