Mizzou Protesters Stay Silent on Attacks Against Black Conservatives

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson
AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

On the heels of University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe’s resignation, the Mizzou campus has ignited in controversy over alleged racial tensions on campus. But in all of this uproar, the media has forgotten one key detail—just a month ago when a black student was the target of a documented use of a racial slur, the protesters were silent.

Why? Because she was a conservative.

Clearly, the University of Missouri campus has been in turmoil as of late, overrun with student and faculty protesters claiming that the university has done little to address the campus’s “culture of racism.”

The faculty at Mizzou recently released a statement claiming solidarity with the student protesters: “We, the concerned faculty of the University of Missouri, stand in solidarity with the Mizzou student activists who are advocating for racial justice on our campus.”

Even members of the university’s football team have joined the protests, refusing to play until the University president resigns and the school addresses the campus’ “racial tensions.” In partnership with the Legion of Black Collegians, they released a “list of demands,” calling for the president of the University of Missouri System, Tim Wolfe, to resign, for the school to “enforce comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum,” and other items.

This morning, at least one of those demands has been met, when Tim Wolfe resigned as president of the University of Missouri System.

Will the protests ebb now that the students have gotten their wish? Of course not. The mob is never satiated.

More importantly, however, these activists turn a blind eye to conservative students facing the same slurs.

During a recent protest in support of an on-campus statue of Thomas Jefferson, conservative student Jasmine Wells was called an “Uncle Tom” for taking part in the event with the campus’ conservative group. Jasmine and her peers had earlier attended Young America’s Foundation’s Midwest Freedom Conference in Columbus, Ohio, and had been inspired to become more active on campus.

And yet, the Mizzou protesters, quick to point out the “racial injustice” they see on campus, are silent when black conservatives face the same treatment that spurred their protest in the first place.


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