Russian Bomb-Video Shows ISIS Oil Sector Undamaged by Obama’s ‘Air War’

The weakness of President Barack Obama’s tentative air-offensive against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in northern Syria was exposed November 18 by Russian video that showed hundreds of intact ISIS-run oil tankers parked nose-to-tail near a lightly damaged oil refinery.

The trucks were unprotected and parked without any fear of a U.S. Air Force attack.

The neat rows of trucks mirrored the peacetime deployment of U.S. aircraft at Pearl Harbor before the Japanese sneak attack on December 7, or the Soviet aircraft that were parked together before the National Socialists’ surprise airstrike on Russia on June 22, 1941.

But ISIS will not park its trucks so neatly again–because Russian airstrikes destroyed many of the trucks that were undisturbed by Obama’s pinprick airstrikes.

The trucks are vital to ISIS because they carry oil to buyers in Turkey. ISIS needs the revenue to pay its jihadis, buy weapons, bribe enemies, and fund jihad attacks elsewhere, such as the November 13 strike in Paris that killed over 120 surprised diners and concert-goers.

U.S airstrikes in Syria have been hobbled by Obama’s determination not to kill any unarmed Muslims. In May, Sen. John McCain said Obama’s attack rules are so stringent that three of four aircraft sent on missions into Syria return without dropping a single bomb.


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