Hillary Clinton Fundraises with Leader of Alien Religious Group


Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is attending a fundraiser Tuesday night with a leader of a New Age quasi-religious group interested in “planetary communications,” Breitbart News has learned.

Clinton is visiting Colorado Tuesday to speak at the Boulder Theater before joining supporters for a $2,700-a-head fundraiser at the Denver home of Mo Siegel, the founder of the herbal tea conglomerate Celestial Seasonings.

Siegel also happens to be a trustee of a religious group called the Urantia Foundation, which promotes the teachings of the revelatory spiritual tome The Urantia Book. He’s been on the board of three different Urantia groups. And he’s really into it.

The Urantia Book, published by the Chicago-based foundation in 1955, was allegedly “presented by celestial beings as a revelation to our planet, Urantia,” according to the foundation (“Urantia” is Earth).

The 2,000-page book is kind of like the Bible, except with more aliens. There’s a God, just like the Bible, but there’s also billion-year-old intelligent life in other galaxies. There’s still a Jesus of Nazareth, and he’s still a Son of God, but there’s also some other Sons of God wandering around in some of the other galaxies. The Urantia Book also throws out the original sin and atonement elements of the Bible.

In all likelihood, the book was written at least in part by Chicago doctor William Sadler in the 1920s and might have been based to some degree on the ravings of a lunatic patient.

Nevertheless, Siegel, who spent the late ’60s picking wild herbs in the Rocky Mountains, thinks it’s a planetary revelation.

Siegel spoke on the first day of the 2015 Urantia Conference just last month at Canada’s Bishop’s University. Speaking to a group of fellow Urantia enthusiasts, he lamented “our difficult times in the late ’80s and early ’90s” but joyfully shared “the best news of all” about his group’s “thousand-year project.”

“The world is heading to a new material destiny better than mankind has ever dreamed of having,” Siegel said.

“In 1955, two thousand ninety-seven pages of liberating truth arrived in the world with the first printing of the Urantia Revelation. This event signaled further restoration of planetary communications, perfectly timed for a world in transition. The revelators knew that we needed a new spiritual and cosmological vision,” Siegel continued before taking an apparent shot at the Bible.

“Urantians are people of the book, and we needed a new book to guide us over the next thousand years. We needed a new book, we got a new book, and that’s great news.”

“Simply put, the Supreme Being is on the move on Urantia… In 1958, we sold a meager three books. In 2014, we sold 20,000 books. It is in seventeen languages and moving to twenty.”

“This is a modern miracle,” Siegel said, holding up a copy of the book.

“We know the Urantia book has a lot of controversial truth,” Siegel conceded. “But the revelation is finding its way in the world for this thousand-year project.”

Siegel also announced the creation of a new program called the Revelation Bridge to recruit millenials to the Urantia cause.

Siegel and the Urantia Foundation chose not to provide comment for this report.


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