Study: Conservative Millennial Voters Favor Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina at Colorado Debate AP

More than 80 percent of conservative millennial primary voters indicated they are “more likely” to support Carly Fiorina, according to data collected during a recent presidential debate.

“The results indicated conservative Millennials are 80.8% ‘more likely’ to support after Fiorina after the fourth debate — the highest of any Republican candidate,” reports USA Today.

G2 Analytics, an analytics platform that allows users to give real-time feedback during live or recorded events, and the College Republican National Committee conducted a web-based focus group to measure 328 Millennial Republican primary voters’ reactions during the Nov. 10 debate hosted by Fox Business Network.

Using a buzzer, participants indicate whether a candidate’s answer made them “more likely” or “less likely” to vote for that particular candidate. What’s more, participants answered “flash poll” questions during commercial breaks.

The results showed the following GOP candidates in order from “more likely” to “less likely” to have conservative millennial support following the fourth primary debate:

Carly Fiorina – 80.8 percent

Rand Paul – 78.9 percent

Ben Carson – 78 percent

Marco Rubio – 77.2 percent

Jeb Bush – 76.8 percent

Ted Cruz – 71.4 percent

Donald Trump – 70.4 percent

John Kasich – 65.9 percent

USA Today reports that despite millennial GOP primary voters apparently favoring Fiorina, roughly 57 percent say they haven’t made their final decision on which candidate they will vote for during the primary elections.


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