Liberty University Offers Free Concealed Carry Class So Students May Be Armed

Norm Shafer / AP
Norm Shafer / AP

On December 4, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr., urged students to legally carry concealed handguns, and students were informed the university has a free concealed carry class they can attend to get their license.

Falwell’s efforts came two days after Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik opened fire on innocents in San Bernardino, California.

According to, Falwell told students, “It just blows my mind when I see the [P]resident of the United States say that the answer to circumstances like [the shooting in California] is more gun control.” He added, “I’ve always thought if more good people had concealed carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in.”

Falwell later used Twitter to explain that he was referencing “Islamic terrorists” when he said “those Muslims.”

Students interested in getting their concealed license “were advised to take a free class to obtain a conceal carry permit offered by the Liberty University Police Department.”

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