Jeb: Trump Making ‘Dog Whistle Proposals to Prey on People’s Fears’

Tuesday on “MTP Daily,” Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said his rival Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States were “dog whistle proposals” being used to capitalize on the public’s fears.

Bush said, “He’s not going to be the nominee. He’s not a serious candidate. He’s an entertainer. These utterances that he makes shows that in serious times, we need a real leader and I believe my life experience puts me in a good position. Americans are scared. Republicans and Democrats alike are very scared with the situation we have now, but to make his proposals out there just to basically — these are dog whistle proposals to prey on people’s fears and consume the news. it’s not a serious campaign.”

He added, “I’ve been quite critical of Mr. Trump as he disparages disabled people, women, African-Americans, Latinos, now Muslims. I’ve been quite critical because that’s not the party that I know. I just saw an e-mail from my friend Michael Reagan, who said this is not the party of Reagan either. Donald Trump doesn’t represent Republican values and I do, and others do as well.”

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