Hillary Clinton Claim: ‘I Don’t Know That I Ever Have’ Gotten Cash From Oil Companies

Warren Buffett Joins Hillary Clinton At Campaign Event In Omaha
Steve Pope/Getty Images

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is fudging the truth about her oil-industry cash flow.

“Well, I don’t know that I ever have, I’m not exactly one of their favorites,” Clinton replied when asked at a campaign stop in Iowa City if she would agree not to accept Big Oil donations.

Not true, according to research compiled by a Super-PAC, “America Rising.”

Even the liberal Huffington Post reported that “nearly all” of Clinton’s bundlers have worked for Big Oil. Additionally, the Clinton Foundation has mopped up some Big Oil donations and she benefits from a multi-million dollar mutual fund that invests in Big Oil.

Clinton also appeared Wednesday with billionaire Warren Buffett, where she planned to roll out some new tax hikes like the kind that Buffett has proposed on rich folks like himself.

“Hillary Clinton’s economic agenda is more about redistribution than growth, and we’ve seen the results of that approach over the last 7 years with the slowest recovery since the Great Depression and an ever-shrinking middle class. Campaigning with the third richest person on the planet is an odd way to communicate that she understands and cares about the needs of millions of Americans still struggling in the weak Obama economy,” said Republican National Committee spokesman Michael Short.



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