Jeb Bush Praises Washington Post For Removing Offensive Ted Cruz Cartoon

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush criticized the Washington Post for publishing a cartoon featuring Ted Cruz’s daughters, but he praised the journalistic institution for removing it.

“This is off limits and Ted Cruz is absolutely right to be outraged and I’m pleased that The Washington Post took the cartoon off,” said Bush during an interview on Fox and Friends this morning. He described the cartoon as “a complete miscalculation” and “a big mistake.”

Bush added that families should remain “off limits” to journalists and cartoonists and suggested that there was plenty of cartoonist material from the candidates themselves without focusing on their families.

“Look, there’s enough to go after all of us, we’re all imperfect.” Bush said. “This holiday season it’s important to remind ourselves of our own imperfections and strive to do better.”

Bush has also released his own behind-the-scenes video of his family Christmas card experience featuring his children.