Gov’t Payments Rise During Planned Parenthood’s No Good, Very Bad, Year

AP Photo/Eric Gay
AP Photo/Eric Gay

Planned Parenthood’s new annual report is full of bad news for the group. Services fell. The total number of patients fell. Private donations fell.

But, somehow, overall revenue grew.

According to the report, “services” fell from 10.5 million to 9.5 million, a drop of 11 percent. “Services” for Planned Parenthood includes everything from handing over a single aspirin to aborting a viable baby for hundreds of dollars. This is the way Planned Parenthood is able to say that abortions — 323,999 on the year — accounts for only 3 percent of their overall business even though that 3 percent represents the lion’s share of their non-government revenue.

The new report also shows the group served 2.5 million patients, which is the lowest number of patients since 1998.

Even abortions fell for Planned Parenthood in the just-concluded fiscal year. Abortions dropped from 327,653 to 323,999, which, according to Jim Sedlak, who follows Planned Parenthood for the pro-life American Life League, is the lowest number of abortions since 2007. “Although this may seem to be a small drop, it continues a trend of Planned Parenthood’s decreasing abortion business,” said Sedlak.

Private donations also dropped, according to the annual report, by $38.3 million. Sedlak says, “Apparently, private individuals are more aware of the horrors perpetrated by Planned Parenthood and are taking action to reduce their gifts to the organization.”

What did not drop; in fact, what grew fairly well was government grants to the abortion giant. Planned Parenthood received a whopping $528.4 million from the taxpayers in the previous year but got a 4.8% bump to $553.7 million in the fiscal year just concluded, even though a number of states moved to halt Planed Parenthood funding because of the baby-parts scandal that riveted the nation over the summer.

“It is absolutely incredible that Planned Parenthood continues to get more and more taxpayer dollars whiles it customer base and services provided plummets,” said Sedlak who runs American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood program. “An 11 percent decrease in services and a record-low number of clients are significant, yet Congress recently passed a budget for 2016 keeping Planned Parenthood fully funded. It is time this stopped.”

In their own recently issued report, American Life League reports the number of abortion clinics performing “medication abortions”, that is, using drugs to abort unborn children. Sedlak says this is an effort to bolster the continuing decline in Planned Parenthood’s declining abortion business.

Without a doubt, the videos produced this summer by David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress, has caused huge problems for Planned Parenthood. The videos that have been watched around the world, show Planned Parenthood personnel negotiating prices for the body part of aborted babies, what would be a violation of federal law punishable by huge fines and jail time.

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