Value of Gun Maker Stocks Nearly Doubled in 2015 Alone

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In a year marked by a relentless Democratic push for more gun control, stocks of two of the most prominent gun makers—Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co—saw their value nearly double.

In fact, Smith & Wesson’s stock more than doubled—going “from $9.47 to $21.98″—but Ruger fell just short of doubling by going “from $34.63 to $59.61.”

Taken together, the performance of Smith & Wesson and Ruger continued their record as “two of the best performing stocks in the US.”

As The Guardian points out, Over the past five years, stocks of Smith & Wesson increased in value sixfold while stocks of Sturm, Ruger and Company quadrupled in value.” To put this growth in value into perspective, The Guardian reports that “Apple stock remained almost unchanged over the past year and only doubled in value over the past five years, reaching about $105 a share this year compared with $46 in 2010.”

The demand for guns and gun-related products is at an all-time high. Breitbart News previously reported that November was the seventh straight month of record background checks for gun purchasers. There were more background checks in May 2015 than any previous May on record and more checks in June 2015 than any previous June on record. There were more in July, August, September, October, and November than previously recorded for each of those months as well.

Breitbart News also reported that background checks on Black Friday 2015 set a new record, not only for that day, but for any single 24-hour period on record. There were 185,345 background checks conducted on Black Friday. The previous Black Friday record, set in 2014, was just over 175,000 background checks. The previous single-day record, set December 21, 2012, was approximately 177,000.

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