Coulter: Nikki Haley ‘a Bimbo’ — ‘Accidentally Elected Because She’s Pretty’

Thursday on Fox News Radio’s “John Gibson Show” conservative columnist Ann Coulter discussed the official Republican State of the Union response from Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) took aim at her for using the forum to criticize Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Coulter referred to Haley as “bimbo,” to which host John Gibson objected to the term.

Coulter went on to add, “You’re policing my language? I’m saying something I think is true, I think she is a bimbo … Do we have to add that to the list of words that can’t be used now? Because the list is getting bigger than the dictionary.”

Gibson interjected, “Well I think it describes a certain kind of person which I don’t think fits her.”

Coulter answered, “Yeah a not very bright female. Actually they are not always females but they often have those qualities, the feminine qualities.”

Gibson asked, “Can we proceed without calling her that kind of name?”

Coulter asked, “You’re joking?”

Gibson said, “No I’m not.”

Coulter continued, “Can you email me a list of what words can’t be used … Bimbo? … It’s going to be hard to describe how she was chosen. She is a woman who was accidentally elected because she’s pretty and isn’t very bright, can we say that?”

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