Rafael Cruz: The Church Elected Ronald Reagan, ‘We Can Do It Again’

AP Photo/Molly Riley
AP Photo/Molly Riley

Rafael Cruz – father of GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and author of A Time for Action – joined Breitbart News Daily with host Stephen K. Bannon and said Americans must “elect righteous leaders…that want to be servants, not dictators, but servants to ‘We the People.’”

“Jesus said he who wants to be the greatest must become the servant of all,” Cruz told Bannon, adding that the greatest quality of leadership is “servant hood.”

“We the people elected Ronald Reagan. We need for the church, for people of principle to unite and coalesce around a candidate [with principles] that made America great and that will stand and fight for those principles,” Cruz said to Bannon. “We have a moral and spiritual responsibility and a civil responsibility to be light.”

“It was the church that elected Ronald Reagan” in 1980, and “we can do it again,” he insisted.

“America is a very, very unique country,” Cruz said, referencing the foundation of America. “To have the freedom to worship almighty God, it’s a very unique heritage. There’s no other country in the world that was founded on the word of God.”

“That created a very unique environment where it was based on mutual respect for one another,” he added, saying this began when individuals had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

“People invest their lives into the lives of others and the net result of that kind of lifestyle is a free society,” he explained.

Cruz said the Great Awakening and the American Revolution “was a spiritual and political revival” and that the Constitution is the greatest document ever created “outside of the Bible.”

Bannon asked Cruz why the left hates the foundation of America. Cruz said it “goes back to the concept of secular humanism.”

“Both the Communist Manifesto and the Humanist Manifesto are highlighted [in A Time for Action]…one of the principle signers of the Humanist Manifestos was John Dewey,” Cruz explained, adding that Dewey was a member of the American Communist Party and the founder of modern American education.

“Secular humanism became just a fundamental tenant of American public education,” he said. “Basically, what Secular Humanism says [is] there is no God, you are your own God.”

Cruz said this becomes an egotistical way of thinking and creates chaos in society.

“Common Core is not really about standards that is just a façade. Common Core is about redefining education, redefining history,” Cruz said, adding that it, “denies the fundamental principles of what made America great.”

Cruz also told Bannon that Christians have not united globally, but should to fight persecution.

Christians have been lied to and have believed the lies…with things like so called Separation of Church and State which of course is neither in the Constitution nor in the Declaration, but that has made many Christians well meaning…the way they interpret it is, lets divorce ourselves [from civics].

He added that, “too many pastors across America for too long have been hiding behind the pulpit because of fear, fear of losing their tax exemption.”

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