Cruz: Hillary’s Conduct ‘Far More Serious’ Than Petraeus, ‘Could Well Face Felony Incarceration’ If Indicted

Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz stated that Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “could well face felony incarceration” for her email conduct which was “far more serious than that of General Petraeus” on Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Cruz said that the Department of Justice “has been partisan and political.” He added, “[I]t appears that Secretary Clinton’s conduct was far more serious than that of General Petraeus. And yet this Justice Department prosecuted a war hero, and now, even today, is trying to strip one or two stars from General Petraeus after a lifetime of honorable service defending this nation. And yet, one of the saddest things, if you talk to any reporter who covers Washington, DC, and you ask the question, ‘Will Hillary Clinton be indicted?’ Inevitably, the answer is, ‘Well, it depends on what the Obama White House wants.'” Cruz bemoaned that “the enforcement of criminal justice is decided, not by the laws of this country, but by some political hack in the West Wing of the White House.”

When asked if Clinton was indicted, she could run for president as a political matter. Cruz answered that while he wouldn’t put anything past the Clintons, “I would find it hard to believe that they would be eager to nominate someone who is under indictment, and could well face felony incarceration. If she’s indicted, we’re not talking about speeding tickets. We’re not talking about taking the mattress tags off her mattress.”

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