Ed Klein: FBI Trying to Get Confidantes to ‘Turn on Hillary’ to ‘Save Their Own Skin’

Hillary Clinton Jake Sullivan AP

On Friday’s Breitbart News Daily, author Ed Klein said all of Hillary Clinton’s top confidantes may face jail time because of Clinton’s email scandal and are distancing themselves from the Clinton campaign because they do not want to damage her chances of winning the White House.

Klein told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that three of Clinton’s closest advisers—Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan—have all been notified that they are going to be interviewed about the email scandal.

Klein said what the FBI is after is “somebody to turn on Hillary and blab in order to save their own skin” and Sullivan, who has not been with Clinton as long as Abedin and Mills, is the “weakest link in the chain.” Sullivan was one of Clinton’s top foreign policy advisers at the State Department

He said that all three have “lawyered up and are beginning to distance themselves from the campaign for fear that any connection to the email scandal could hurt Hillary’s chances at the nomination.”

The Clinton biographer pointed out that Mills, a Clinton loyalist for at least 25 years, defended President Bill Clinton against impeachment on the Senate floor and Abedin is like a second daughter to her and may actually be closer to Clinton than Chelsea.

According to Klein, all three face “possible prison time” and “if the FBI can flip Jake Sullivan, Hillary may be in trouble”

Klein said that according to his sources, there is no question that the FBI is all “on the same page and want to get to the bottom of this.” He said FBI Director James Comey holds meetings in his own office with the prosectors in the Justice Department as the investigation is continuing.

Comey, whom Klein referred to as the “Eliot Ness of our time,” is reportedly telling people that the “upshot of this investigation…. will be my legacy in history” and “he wants to get this right.”

But, according to Klein, there is “debate and dissension” in the Justice Department, where Clinton loyalists are battling Obama loyalists who have never trusted the Clintons from the beginning about how to proceed.

Klein said that Comey has a choice at the end of the investigation—he could send the case to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and recommend whether Clinton should be indicted or he can bypass the Justice Department and the White House and go to a federal judge who is overseeing the case. Klein posited that when the FBI concludes its investigation, Comey may ultimately let a federal judge decide whether to indict Clinton.

Bannon said that, like Watergate, this is an “extraordinary time to see if the institutions of our government can perform like the founders set them up to do.”



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