HuffPo: ‘Clinton Cash’ Revealed Hillary and Bill as ‘Money Predators’; Book Soon to be Used in Election

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This article was written by Arnold Steinberg and published by the Huffington Post:

Now that Bernie Sanders has won New Hampshire handily, perhaps we should ask whether Hillary’s campaign may be repeating its self-destruction of eight years ago. In her concession speech last night she mounted an arcane attack on the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and positioned herself implausibly as a champion to take on Wall Street. She is now debating the campaign on Bernie Sanders terms, not a good place to be. At times she wandered – talking about the firing of “LGBT people because of who they love” as part of a hodgepodge of constituencies she enumerated — from firefighters to hungry children. She seemed incoherent, subsuming every sort of “right” as a “human right.”

She suggested she had work to do among young voters. The reality is that the only age group she carried was seniors. Perhaps it reflected her two prominent surrogates — Madeline Albright, 78, and Gloria Steinem, 82. Let’s look at the backdrop for what happened last night.

Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich. Coverage of the book’s release helped dampen Hillary’s poll numbers but the book has been little discussed this year. Still, in 2015 it helped frame and renew the distrust of the Clintons as money predators and remains indirectly in the back of the mind of many voters. Expect to see the book back in the news soon.
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