Ted Cruz’s ‘Office Space’ Ad Slams Hillary Clinton’s Server Scandal


“D**n it feels good to be a Clinton” begins a song in a new spoof ad out of the Ted Cruz presidential campaign, airing ahead of the South Carolina primary.

The ad is a play on a scene from the cult classic movie Office Space where three office workers destroy the printer that has been a constant source of frustration for one current and two laid-off software company employees.

“A shameless politician always plays her cards right,” states the video, with three people — one of whom is clearly Hillary Clinton herself — throwing an email server into a field, then smashing it with a baseball bat and stomping on it. The spoof Clinton then kneels down, destroying the server with the bat and punching it to bits — a reference to Clinton’s personal email server scandal.

Morning Joe tweeted an MSNBC clip with the ad early Friday morning:

One portion of the video says:

Got a crew for the fight on the airwaves. Lap dogs in the press, keep their mouths tight. ’Cause a Clinton never needs to explain what, why it is, what they’ve done, or with who. A real Clinton knows that they’re entitled, and you don’t get to know what they do.

During Thursday night’s PBS and Facebook-sponsored Democratic presidential debate with Clinton and fellow-candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, the moderators never asked Clinton about State Department subpoenas issued for internal Clinton Foundation documents. In an article for Breitbart News, Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer called the negligence no less than “monumental journalistic malpractice.”

“What, what, what difference does it make?” riffs a clip from Clinton’s infamous Benghazi testimony. It continues in another voice: “For a Clinton, what’s loaded in some fat Apple file. A Clinton plays the victim for promotion. A Clinton kills it off with a smile.”

“D**n it feels good to be a Clinton. A server full of secrets ain’t no thang” is heard before an MSNBC reporter cuts off the end of the ad, calling it “a little cheeky” that Cruz is throwing a pop culture reference in. The final images show the Clinton impersonator being pulled away from the server by the other two people with her. Then Clinton tears herself away to go back at it, similar to the original Office Space movie scene.

For comparison, here’s a clip of the original Office Space printer scene, courtesy of YouTube user MrJigssaw1989:

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