Donald Trump: Flashback–Ted Cruz ‘Senate Should Confirm John Roberts Swiftly’

Trump vs Cruz SC Debate Jim Watson Getty
Jim Watson/Getty

GREENVILLE, South Carolina — GOP frontrunner Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday morning to support his argument from the GOP primary debate the night before that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) supported Justice John Roberts’ appointment to the Supreme Court.

Trump tweeted, “This shows what a complete & total liar Ted Cruz is- he said he wouldn’t have nominated John Roberts. Really?”

The real estate mogul linked to an op-ed by Cruz in 2005 in the National Review stating, “John Roberts should be a quick confirm.”

In the op-ed Cruz calls Roberts brilliant, adding, “Judge Roberts is a lawyers’ lawyer. And that matters immensely, especially for the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Cruz concludes the op-ed writing, “The Senate should confirm him swiftly.”

During the GOP primary debate on Saturday night, Trump charged at Cruz and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, “–John Roberts, Ted Cruz, with [Bush’s] brother, wanted John Roberts to be in the United States Supreme Court. They both pushed him. He twice approved Obamacare.”

Cruz responded, “I did not nominated him. I would not have nominated him. I would have nominated my former boss, Mike Luttig, who was Justice Scalia’s first law clerk. And you know how I know that Donald’s Supreme Court justices will be liberals? Because his entire life, he supported liberals, from Jimmy Carter to Hillary Clinton to John Kerry.”


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