‘We’re Going to Win Florida. Period.’ — Team Rubio Defies Florida Poll Showing Trump Ahead


Is Donald Trump really dominating Florida? Senior Marco Rubio campaign staffers defied the notion after a new Quinnipiac Poll in Florida showed Trump beating Rubio in his home state by 16 points.

“Media needs to chill,” Rubio strategist Todd Harris reacted on Twitter. “The Florida Quinnipac poll numbers are way wrong. We are going to win Florida. Period. Take it to the bank.”

Harris also responded to Chuck Todd on Twitter, who suggested that it was the worst day for Rubio to have such bad numbers.

“Never a good day for bad numbers!” he wrote. “But rest assured, these are wrong. No campaign sees more Florida data than we do.”

Rubio communications director Alex Conant also mocked reporters on Twitter who were marveling at the latest poll numbers.

“How reporters think: ‘There’s 20 days, 15 elections, 3 debates, millions spent before Florida. BUT OMG A POLL SAYS MARCO IS LOSING TO TRUMP,’” he wrote.

In spite of the Rubio campaign protests, Trump has consistently polled ahead in Florida. According to Real Clear Politics, Trump has an average spread of 19.4 percent.


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