Team Rubio Mocks Donald Trump Typos On Twitter, Called Marco ’Leightweight Chocker’

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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Donald Trump started his day with a series of Tweets mocking Marco Rubio, but the billionaire curiously repeated the same typo three times when describing the Florida senator.

“…once a choker, always a chocker!” he wrote, describing Rubio as a “Leightweight chocker Marco Rubio” (sic) on two different occasions.

At another point, Trump said it was an “honer” to win the debate.

As Trump followers began to point out the multiple typos, the Rubio campaign began mocking Trump for his spelling errors.

“Did you outsource your twitter account this morning to Romania as well?” taunted Rubio aide Joe Pounder, followed by the hashtag #MakeTrumpHireAmericans.

At this point, Trump has not deleted the tweets with typos.



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