AG Lynch: ‘I Use the Department of Justice Email System,’ ‘Independent’ Agents Will Do Review

Attorney General Loretta Lynch stated that she uses the Department of Justice’s email system when asked if she have a private server in her home and that the review Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails would be by “career independent agents and lawyers” during an interview broadcast on Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Lynch, who declined to say if it’s illegal for cabinet members to do all their business on a private server, was asked [relevant exchange begins around 10:40] if she would have a private server. She answered, “Well, we use our DOJ servers here, for emails.”

When asked, “So, you wouldn’t have a private server at home?” Lynch stated, “I don’t comment on that.”

Anchor Bret Baier then asked, “Well, You wouldn’t. You use DOJ servers?” Lynch responded, “I use the Department of Justice email system.”

Lynch further stated that the review of the email investigation would be “by those career independent agents and lawyers that I mentioned, and they’ll make a recommendation as to what they’ve discovered, and what they recommend.”

When asked if the ultimate decision lies with her, Lynch said it would depend on what independent agents found.”

Lynch was then questioned on whether she’s declined to prosecute when the FBI has recommended charges. She stated, after talking about working with law enforcement through her career “[O]ne of the best things we do is work together, with our law enforcement partners, in reviewing evidence, and coming to a conclusion, as to what’s there and what’s not there.”

She added, “[W]e’ll see what evidence develops, and what facts develop, and we’ll follow those to their natural conclusion.”

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