Donald Trump Taunts Protester: ‘Are You from Mexico?’

Trump Are You from Mexico

Presidential candidate Donald Trump asked a protester during a Monday rally if the individual was from Mexico.

While in the middle of a speech at a rally in Virginia, an unidentified protester started a commotion, causing Trump to stop his stump speech, and ask security to “get him out.”

“Are you from Mexico? Are you from Mexico, huh?” Trump taunted the protester. “Are you from Mexico?”

“Right smack in the middle of my punchline!” Trump complained to supporters at Radford University in Radford, Virginia.

“Alright darling, if you want you can stay and you can hear the end of this story. Because you know what, you are moving back to the United States,” Trump added.

But then he added: “Get her out, please. Out out out.”

The businessman’s statement comes just days after he made a racially-charged statement against a Hispanic federal judge.

Over the weekend, Trump criticized the judge who is presiding over a lawsuit against Trump University, an educational endeavor that he once ran before it became defunct.

“We have a very hostile judge because to be honest with you, he should have thrown out the lawsuit, Trump said. “He’s Hispanic, which is fine and we haven’t asked for a recusal, which we may do,” Trump said.

Trump defended his remarks on NBC’s Meet The Press Sunday morning, saying the judge has been “extremely unfair.”

“And you think it’s because he is Hispanic?” host Chuck Todd asked.

“Well because of the wall, and because of everything that’s going with Mexico and all of that, I think it’s frankly — look, this is a judge who has treated me very, very unfairly,” Trump responded.


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