Ben Carson Calls For Meeting Of GOP Hopefuls To Restore ‘Civility’

Ben Carson speaks during the Republican presidential debate at the Moores School of Music
Michael Ciaglo-Pool/Getty Images

Dr. Ben Carson, still running for the Republican nomination for President even though his campaign admits he has no “well-defined” path, has called for fellow GOP candidates to meet before the upcoming debate March 3 in Detroit, Michigan.

“The American People deserve so much more from the candidates who are seeking the most powerful position in the free world, and I share their concern that this race has taken a turn for the worse, to the point of embarrassment on the world stage,” Carson said in a statement released to the press.

“A house divided cannot stand, and it is imperative the Republican Party exhibit unity by the candidates coming together with a pledge to talk about the many serious problems facing our country, instead of personally attacking each other,” he added.

Carson’s statement comes amid a continuing divide between the populist, establishment, and conservative wings of the Republican party.

Conservative leaders have begun to pledge not to vote for populist, nationalist candidate Donald Trump, should the real estate mogul win the nomination. On social media, they have taken to using the hashtag #NeverTrump to unite the anti-Trump forces.

This week, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) became the first Republican Senator to say that he would not support Donald Trump if the businessman sealed the nomination, likening him to fellow “New York liberal” Hillary Clinton.

“If we are to defeat our democratic opponent in the general election this November, we must reach an agreement together each other that we will not succumb to the media’s desire for a fight on the stage in Detroit,” Carson added in his statement.

America’s children and grandchildren are depending on us to fight for them and future generations, not fight each other,” Carson concluded.


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