Ivanka Trump: ‘My Father Is in This For The Long Run, He’s Not Backing Down’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Ivanka Trump tells Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon that her father, Donald Trump, brings “tremendous energy, enthusiasm, passion” to the presidential race. She says she’s not surprised that the political establishment is heaping invective on their populist GOP frontrunner.

“Obviously as a daughter, it’s hurtful to hear those things said. I know that they’re not true, so it bothers me less to my core. On the surface, it’s obviously a hurtful thing to hear as a daughter,” Trump said. “I will say there’s so much support, and so much outpouring of love from the people that it more than makes up for a couple of naysayers.”

I will say that I’m not altogether surprised, because ultimately, the establishment thrives on influence and power. And my father’s made it very clear he’s not looking to be influenced, not looking to take donations from interested parties. He’s looking to make clear decisions, clean decisions that are in the best interest of the country. So that cuts a lot of people out out of the equation that normally would have been influencing the agenda. So it’s not altogether surprising to me, even though I do think you see a lot of people who realize this is for the best of the country and they’re coming on board within the establishment as well. I do think that will happen. But’s it’s been a very interesting ride, to say the least.

“I think what we’re seeing now smacks of desperation. Candidates who have been talking about for eight months about how they’re optimists, they’re different from everyone else… they’re getting in the mud worse than anyone,” she chuckled. “But that’s politics, right? So if nothing else, this primary process really reveals the true character of a lot of people. But a lot of what we’re seeing in the last week comes from a place of desperation to resonate or make their voices heard.”

Bannon asked if the Trump family was prepared to solider on to the Republican convention if the GOP establishment, as John Sununu hinted on Monday on Breitbart News Daily, fought him all the way to the nomination.

“I personally don’t think that will happen,” she said.

I think my father will get the delegates to ensure that doesn’t happen. And if it happens, it happens. My father is in this for the long run, so he’s not backing down. If nothing else, he’s been very emboldened by the passion, the outpouring of support of the people he’s meeting, of every single city he passes through… I will say one other thing about why my father will be an amazing president, and something in addition to the long list of things I gave you about his competence, and capability, and intellect. He has an amazing heart and he’s going to do the right thing. He’s a very good person. And obviously, I’m somewhat biased, being his daughter! But I’ve also worked alongside of him at the Trump Organization for the past ten years and I’ve seen how he’s treated his employees, and how he’s empowered them and inspired them to become the best leaders they can be themselves. So I think he’ll be amazing, and I’m hopeful today will be a massive step forward in this process. I think it will be.

Twelve states cast votes in what many call the first national primary on Super Tuesday. 595 delegates for the GOP presidential nomination are at stake.

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