‘Win, Win, Win!’: Donald Trump Zones in on Core Populist Nationalist Issues — We’ll Make America ‘Greater Than Ever Before’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump raises his arms during a campaign rally in
AP Photo/Paul Sancya

BOCA RATON, Florida — Billionaire Donald Trump, the 2016 GOP presidential frontrunner, hammered the core issues of immigration, trade, and national security in a speech before 8,000 on Sunday night, two days before Florida voters head to the polls.

Donald Trump zoned in on how he believes — in a truly populist nationalist form — that America and Americans should come first and none of his opponents would do that.

“General George Patton, can you imagine General George Patton right now? He’s spinning in his grave when he sees we’re not beating ISIS,” Trump said:

We are doing a politically correct war. We have to knock the hell out of ISIS. They cut off heads. They’re drowning people. We have to knock them out. We have to knock them out bad. We have to get back to our country. We have to rebuild our country now. It’s time. It’s now time that we rebuild the United States. Our roads are falling apart. Our schools are a disgrace. You see it on television — rat-infested, walls falling down. We build schools over there, we build it again, they blow it up, we build it again they blow it up. This goes on four or five times. And if they need money for Brooklyn, if they need money for Boca, they need money for any place, we don’t have it to do anything. Our thinking is wrong. We’re going to have really smart thinking. We are going to think so good and here’s what’s going to happen: We’re going to start winning again.

Trump noted that the rest of the world — especially China — is taking advantage of America, beating the United States at everything.

“Think about it: When was the last time the United States won at everything? We’re losing at war, we’re losing at trade, we’re losing at everything,” Trump said. “This isn’t China. I use China because it’s greatest abuser of all. China abuses us more than anyone. I hope they still like me after this speech by the way, but I don’t care. I have the biggest bank in the world is a tenant of mine in Manhattan, from China — 400 million customers — the biggest bank in the world.”

Trump said that, if the United States actually tried, “we could do great against China.”

“I sell condos in China for tens of millions of dollars — I love China, but their leaders are too smart for our leaders,” Trump said. “We can’t keep letting it go on.”

Trump then laid out what he envisions a Trump presidency would look like.

“So here’s what’s going to happen,” Trump said:

We’re going to start winning with our military, we’re going to knock the hell out of ISIS. We’re going to start — we can’t let it go any further. It’s too bad. It’s too bad. We are going to start winning with our military. We are going to take care of our vets. We are going to have strong borders. We are going to build a wall, and we are going to have Mexico pay for it.

We are going to have great education — right now we are way down at the bottom of the list worldwide, but number one in cost per pupil. We’re going to get that changed around a lot. We’re going to get education taken care of. We’re going to do it locally — it’s going to be so much better, so much less expensive. We’re going to be proud of our educational system, because right now it’s so bad, it’s so broken and there’s so many people making so much money out of that system. So, we’re going to win with education.

We’re going to win at every single level. We’re going to get rid of Obamacare, we’re going to win on health care, we’re going to start winning on every level. I say it kiddingly, but I mean it 100 percent: We’re going to win, win, win! We’re going to win so much, you’re going to get sick and tired of it. You’re going to say “Mr. President, we can’t take it anymore, we’re winning too much! Please, we don’t want to win that much anymore, we can’t take it, Mr. President!” And I’m not going to care — we’re going to keep winning! Because we’re going to make America great again. We’re going to make it greater than ever before! I love you, go vote on Tuesday!


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