PETA Responds to Anti-Trump Protester April Foster, Charged With Abusing Police Horse

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PETA has responded to an incident involving Donald Trump protester April Foster, who was arrested Friday in Kansas City after she was seen beating a police horse.

“All animals feel pain, stress and fear just like we do, and they deserve our respect and protection,” said PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch in a statement on the incident. “Horses are highly sensitive prey animals, and this poor horse was without a doubt already under a tremendous amount of stress as a result of the chaos, the crowds, the deafening noise of the angry protesters, and more.”

“PETA commends the person who called the tip line so that this woman’s apparent cruelty to this horse does not go unpunished,” the PETA statement said.

Foster, 29, has been charged with abuse of a police service animal. She is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on May 4.

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