Illegal Alien Smuggler Finally Goes to Jail After His 24th Arrest

Illegal Alien Smuggler Finally Goes to Jail After His 24th Arrest

A man arrested twenty-four times for smuggling illegal immigrants into the U.S. was finally sentenced to a jail term, court records reveal.

Efrain Delgado-Rosales, 35, has a record of arrests for people smuggling going back to at least 1999 and has been arrested 23 previous times for the crime. Now, after his 24th arrest, the Mexican national has been handed a five-year prison sentence.

According to Fox News, Delgado-Rosales was arrested last November when he was caught leading four men across the border in California’s Otay Mountains.

The illegal immigrants testified that Delgado-Rosales met them in Tijuana and arranged the passage. During their trip, though, the men say they were robbed by a crew of men who came upon them when their guide had left the group alone for a period of time. The four illegal immigrants say they were robbed of their money and cell phones.

When Delgado-Rosales returned to be told the group had been robbed, he seemed so unconcerned that the illegal immigrants became suspicious he was in on the robbery.

One of the immigrants also testified that Delgado-Rosales allowed several of the men to lag behind and only halted long enough for them to catch up when he pleaded with the guide to wait for the men.

Delgado-Rosales was last apprehended bringing illegal immigrants across the border in August of 2014.

But despite the fact Delgado-Rosales had 23 previous arrests for smuggling illegals across the border, he was never served with any charges and never held for trial. Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexandra Foster noted Delgado-Rosales was merely deported each of the 23 previous times.

This is the second time in as many days that news of a human smuggler being arrested dozens of times made the news. The day before Delgado-Rosales was sentenced to his five-year sentence, immigration officials announced the arrest of Jiovani Hernandez.

Like Delgado-Rosales, Hernandez had many arrests for human smuggling but was still free to ply his trade. In fact, Hernandrz had been arrested a whopping 42 times for smuggling illegal aliens across the border.

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