***Horse Race LiveWire*** Erick Erickson: ‘Trump Voters Have Failed at Life’

Erickson disrespects WorkingClass Trump Voters

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It seems like every day, Donald Trump compels someone in the Republican establishment or the conservative industrial complex to reveal their character, who they are, and what they really think. And it’s ugly. Today, Erick Erickson said that Trump voters have “failed at life and blame others for their poor decisions.”


Secure, confident men who are happy don’t send out such Tweets. Insecure, crusty, fake tough guys who are angry that they can’t “control” voters do. This type of attitude is why candidates/tacticians in the GOP and the conservative establishments continue to lose elections and turn off voters. Democrats rarely ever mock black voters who so reliably make up their base. Non-suicidal corporations never taunt their customers. Sports teams don’t insult their fans (and especially fans of their sport).
Erickson, who grew up in Dubai, could not even bother to attend 13 of 27 city council meetings in 2010—”nearly twice as many absences as any other council member”–and eventually decided to quit after being slammed for his chronic absenteeism. Veterans, successful entrepreneurs, and blue-collar, working-class Americans alike immediately fired back at Erickson:







10:26: Trump vows to be in Wisconsin until election day and talk about jobs, immigration and trade:

10:24: Cruz says our military won’t be governed by political correctness.

10:10: Cruz says Walker inspired him by standing up to the union bosses and praises Walker’s “courage and principle,” which is exactly the “courage and principle we need in Washington, D.C. to turn the country around.”

9:40: Palin says enough of the “holier than thou” lectures from the anti-Trump crowd who “sanctimoniously” lecture us about Trump’s tone while they are personally responsible for policies that have cost American lives and trillions of dollars. 

9:35: Palin says Trump is the only candidate who shares our interest in stopping the Islamic threat by defeating ISIS and using extremists from using our porous borders that are purposely left open to infiltrated. She says they will recruit in the U.S. to unleash terror here and that’s not “something to laugh at.”

9:33: On trade, Palin says the loss of our industrial jobs represents one of the “greatest betrayals” by politicians. She says surrendering on free trade is not “conservative” but “radical.” And again hits Cruz on TPP without naming him.

9:32: Palin takes a shot at Cruz without naming him for inducing more illegal immigrants with “gift baskets” and “soccer bills” with Glenn Beck.

9:30: Palin says unscaled immigration has suffocated wages, kicked away the ladder to the middle class. And the corporate shills who are funding the anti-Trump super PACs love open borders and visa programs that flood the market with more foreign workers. He says Trump is the only one who understands this reality.

9:28: Palin says the professional tacticians in D.C. just sees the Republican Party as an “ATM” and they are “shaken up” by the Trump Train. She says they are trying to hang onto their “relevancy” and “gravy train” and is leading to a “healthy cleansing” of our body politic. She says the D.C. elites profit with open borders and reckless foreign policy decisions that cost us our treasure and the blood our sons and daughters in uniform. She says the establishment’s interests run counter to the interests of the people and common sense, which is an endangered species in Washington.

9:25: At the Wisconsin Republican Party fundraiser, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin says her dad is the biggest cheesehead and Wisconsin reminds her of his man cave. Her dad played high school football with Packer great Jerry Kramer.

9:09: Kasich says he didn’t worship presidents growing up. His hero was Roberto Clemente and one of the few times his mother cried in front of him was when “our hero” Clemente died after the plane crash. He told a Pennsylvania audience the same thing earlier in the day.

8:58: At the Wisconsin Republican Party fundraiser, Kasich says he has always been an “independent operator” and the Republican Party has been his “vehicle” and not his “master.”

8:49: For those keeping score at home, Trump campaign now says he will change the law on abortion:

8:34: Huma Abedin claims she hasn’t read any of her/Clinton’s emails that have become public in a podcast interview with CallYourGirlfriend.com

8:18: Re: Rule 40, Cruz says it would be ironic if the establishment ended up changing the rule that was meant to protect the establishment in order to “disenfranchise” voters.

8:17: Cruz optimistic about Wisconsin:

8:14: On Fox News, Cruz says Trump starts “yelling” and “cursing” when he’s in trouble when asked about his “Lyin’ Ted” remarks.

7:42: Trump hammers Cruz on Trade:

7:30: Trump on abortion: It’s murder but current laws don’t need to be changed

7:27: Clinton campaign: “Prudent” for State Department to halt e-mail investigation:


7:25: Socialist who claims he will provide free college without increasing debt calls Trump a “nut case.”

7:22: Sanders demands apology from Clinton:

Clinton Campaign: Apologize for What?

7:21: Sanders’s huge fundraising haul in March:

7:20: Sanders in Wisconsin:

4:53: Atlantic City Casino Workers Union endorses Sanders. 

4:50: Cruz repeats line he has been  using about Clinton/Sanders:

“The Democrats have a wild-eyed socialist with ideas dangerous for America and the world… and Bernie Sanders.”

4:47: Cruz says the “day of reckoning” is coming for jihadists in January, 2017.

4:45: Cruz exciting Pennsylvania crowd:

4:37: Dilbert creator Scott Adams says Trump’s use of “linguistic kill shots” may help him defeat Clinton. Sounding like Chris Matthews re: “Mommy Party and Daddy Party,”, he says Trump may prevail against Clinton in a one-on-one matchup because Americans will vote for “dad” over “mom” to take care of the country’s national security, etc. if things get more chaotic because of terrorist attacks around the world.

4:30: “The Fossil and the felon.”

4:21: CNN’s Jake Tapper says Trump has never been called the “Kim Kardashian of politics” before until Cruz did so last night. Wrong. Carly Fiorina used that line that Cruz stole a long time ago.

4:20: Trump should have lowered expectations a long time ago.

4:15: Someone on a show affiliated with Shonda Rhimes show is actually supporting Sanders:


4:11 Dr. Ben Carson says it “speaks volumes” that people who have worked from Trump don’t say bad things about him.

4:05: Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), Chair of the Veterans Committee, was reportedly at Trump’s national security meeting yesterday:

3:45: Trump’s new radio ad:

3:40: State Department defers to FBI on Clinton Email Investigation:

3:35: Megyn Kelly will host a town hall with Ted Cruz on Monday:

3:31: Barney Franks Says Clinton Should Release Her Wall Street Transcripts.

3:30: Important ‘unbound delegates.’

3:25: Clinton doesn’t snap on rope line today:


3:23: Clinton wants voters to read the “fine print” on Sanders Free College Plan:


3:20: New Trump Instagram Video: Nobody Likes ‘Lyin Ted.’

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Does anybody like Lyin' Ted?

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3:15: Cruz to speak at another convention:

2:50: Hillary Clinton signs two basketballs for the Syracuse men’s and women’s basketball teams (both are in their respective Final Fours)

2:35: Hillary just doesn’t seem authentic when talking about sports. She could have given a shout-out to upstate New York hometown star Breanna Stewart, whom even Syracuse men’s basketball coach Jim Boeheim has effusively praised this week and who could be the most decorated women’s college basketball player ever if UCONN wins another title next week:



Case in point:


HRC New Yorker Cover

2:30: Palin stumping for Trump in Wisconsin:

Just touched down in the great state of Wisconsin to #Stump4Trump! Wisconsin's middle class has been hurt by DC…

Posted by Sarah Palin on Friday, April 1, 2016

2:15: No pun intended:

2:10: Kasich Slams Cruz, Says His Only Record Is Alienating People and Shutting Down Government:

2:05: If the left is so confident Trump will get trounced in a general election, why are there so many fervent calls this early to get “engaged” in the general?


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